Ambition Accounts

Software for Growing Businesses

Your business will change over time. Those changes may mean that your business software is no longer adequate for your needs. Traditionally this has meant that you must replace the software. This may be expensive financially but the non-financial costs in terms of disruption to your business and loss of productivity are normally greater. Break out of the Upgrade or Replace cycle by adopting Ambition Accounts.

Does your software give you:

  • Integrated e-Commerce
  • Full multi-curency operation
  • Robust departmental accounting
  • Flexible period ends and number of accounting periods
  • On-demand scalability
  • Support for high transaction volumes
  • Multi-location stock control
  • Batch tracking and Serial number tracking
  • Sell by Dates for Products
  • Telesales support
  • Integrated ePOS
  • Order Processing
  • Product Assembly and Kitting

Traditional software that provides the same features as Ambition Accounting could cost you tens of thousands of pounds. Ambition Accounts is available on subscription at a low per user cost starting at just 35 per user per month for an entry level system.

Is your business held back by your software?

What is Ambition Accounts?