Ambition Accounts

Web Shop

The Web Shop supports the construction of an online catalogue directly from the accounting system records. If the commercials system is being used the web shop will fully integrate with the stock control system. If the commercials system is not used the system will still work using non-stock items. Web Orders can be 'despatched' even if the commercilas system is not being used (and therefore the sales order processing systems is not activated).

Requires: Ambition Accounts OR Ambition Financials OR Ambition Commercials

Job Costing

Jobs may be raised for customers and billing from the Job is supported. The Job system is fully integrated with Stock, Purchasing and the Normal Ledger which allows Purchase Orders to be created from the Job, and WIP accruals are automatic. Timesheets may be posted against the Job and the nominal ledger is fully updated.

Requires: Ambition Commercials

Integrated EPOS

The EPOS system supports the use of PC based tills. If the commercial system is used then it fully integrates with the stock control system and will support multiple location operation. Without the use of the commercials system product codes may be defined as service (non stock) items - this allows bar codes to be used if required and supports analysis of sales by product categories.

Requires: Ambition Accounts OR Ambition Financials OR Ambition Commercials

Task Manager (Engineer Scheduling)

The Task Management system allows allocation of engineers to jobs with full diary control, tracking of labour costs and support for van stock.

Requires: Ambition Commercials AND Job Costing

Landed Costs

The Landed Costs system allows the costs of importation, including duties and levies to be capitalised into the value of your stock on its receipt into the system. This is done by providing a framework which allows you to build up a profile of the costs associated with landing a shipment. These costs are then linked with the purchases orders on the shipment.

When the purchase orders are received into the system, the cost of the goods are automatically combined with the costs associated with the shipment. This gives you an accurate stock valuation, based on what the stock is actually costing you, not just on what you have paid for the stock.

Requires: Ambition Commercials

Quality Assurance

This allows a set of tests to be assigned to a stock code. On receipt of stock it is automatically quarantined until it is tested and the results are recorded. These results follow the stock through processing and are printed out when it is despatched.

Requires: Ambition Commercials